Google Zero Gravity Tricks & Pranks (Top 5)

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No doubt Google is the top search engine and widely used around the world. Google has been available for free since its birth and yet provides a long list of services for free. This is one of the reasons of its popularity but its way of professionalism also helped it a lot. I’m today here with top 5 Google Zero Gravity tricks & pranks which you can try on your PC or laptop and can amaze your friends.

There is limits on what all you can do on Google but still you can at least put these zero gravity tricks & pranks which I’m mentioning down here.

Google Zero Gravity Tricks & Pranks

I’m not sure how these zero gravity tricks & pranks works exactly but I only care that using these tricks I can get my friends amazed as very few of them may know them.

Inversion mirror + Zero Gravity

Your favorite search engine Google’s home page can be inverted like you’re seeing it in a mirror. It can be done easily and along with inversion mirror effect you’ll also see elements of the Google home page falling down like there is no gravity over the internet.

Google Zero Gravity Tricks & Pranks

To perform this trick & prank you need to follow the link mentioned in the title above and you’ll be experiencing Google zero gravity effect.

Zero Gravity

If you don’t want the mirror inversion effect and only want the zero gravity to apply on the Google home page then you simply need to follow the link mentioned in the title and you’ll be watching Google home page elements going down like there is no gravity.

Google Zero Gravity

My best part in this particular trick is that when the top black bar moves down and settle down randomly.

Zerg Rush

How about removing all the content and element from Google and lining up of all the ‘0’s in a particular form in the centre? This is what Zerg Rush can do.

Zerg Rush - Best Google Zero Gravity Trick

Search ‘Zerg Rush’ on Google search engine and you’ll see the magic in the result. This one is my best Google Zero gravity trick.


This particular trick won’t give complete zero gravity feel but it will slightly tilt the search engine’s home page. You’ll see elements and things in slightly tilted way and this is the reason why this trick is referred as Tilt.

Simply search Google with ‘Tilt’ keyword and you’ll experience a tilted Google.

Google Sphere

This one is the last Google zero gravity trick & prank among these top 5 and it’s particularly my favorite one.

Follow the link mentioned in the title ‘Google Sphere’ and then you’ll find all the elements on the Google to reform into a sphere. The best part is that you can still use every feature of Google but now you need to find a particular feature in the sphere.

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