Facebook Proxy Login Sites List That Works (Top 5)

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There are already a lot of websites which claim they to be the best Facebook proxy login sites but most of them do not work in real life. If you’ve also experienced the same problem then you must be happy that you’re at the right place. I’m going to share top 5 Facebook proxy login sites list that works.

Facebook Proxy login sites

What are Facebook Proxy login sites?

Facebook is the number one social networking website and due to this fact, most of the network administrator puts lock on it. By putting lock on Facebook users can’t access to it as server don’t allow that webpage to work on a particular computing system.

This case happens mostly in school, colleges and cyber zones or where public network is provided. This is how network admin prevents users from accessing Facebook.

Now users who are eagerly wishing to access Facebook looks for some alternative way out and the best way is to use Facebook proxy login sites. Using these proxy login sites users can access Facebook since proxy servers help users to bypass the network security provided by the admin.

This is how Facebook proxy login sites works and you definitely need to check the list I’m mentioning down here.

Facebook Proxy login sites list that works

Following are the proxy login sites that work to access Facebook. You can use any of them.

The Facebook Proxy

This is the most popular Facebook proxy login sites that work. You simply need to visit the webpage and then you’ll be able to login into the Facebook account.

Using this site you can easily access your Facebook account, also your personal data like password and messages are kept secured. So you don’t need to worry about your security.


This is another best website in this list here which has got cleaner user interface and using it to access Facebook is extremely easy. You can easily use this site due to its easy user interface.

You simply needs to click the link with label ‘Start Facebook proxy’ located under Quick Links and then you’ll be able to access Facebook easily.

Unlock Facebook Proxy

Unblock Facebook proxy is another name in this type of sites which actually works. There are lots of websites available on the internet but most of them do not work.

Facebook Proxy Login Sites List That Works (Top 5)

Simply put in the Facebook URL and click Go button to start using FB. You can also access other websites using this proxy server.

If your network admin has patched above three mentioned websites then you can try using below mentioned two websites. These two will definitely work for you.

  1. Proxy for Facebook (P4FB)
  2. Appsverse

So friends, these were the FB proxy login sites list that works. Hope you’re able to access FB now.

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