Download Proxy Switcher for Windows 7/8/XP Computer (Free)

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Internet is becoming necessity these days but there is also increase in threats. As an internet user you need to be protected at every step as it has lots of your personal information. These days, we often shop online and pay for our utility bills. This is how internet also got our credit details which we need to protect for sure. The easiest way to surf internet without letting any other to know is to use proxy switcher software. You can download proxy switcher for Windows 7/8/XP computer for free using our guide here.

There are lots of other features which you’ll experience using this software. The first thing you’re going to find useful in this software is that it helps you to keep your identity private on internet. If your privacy is critically important to you then you definitely need such proxy switcher software.

Download Proxy Switcher for Windows

Sometimes internet speed also increases by the use of proxy switcher software. I’m here with one such software called Proxy Switcher Standard which is available for free for 15 days i.e. on trial. The software isn’t completely free but I’m sure you’re going to find it worth and you won’t regret buying it.

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Features of Proxy Switcher for Windows – Proxy Switcher Standard

Proxy Switcher Standard is having a clean and simple user interface which makes it extremely easy to use it. You won’t find trouble in searching for any of this software’s tool as you’re going to find them easily in front.

When you start this tool then you’re going to find list of working or available proxy servers which you can choose. You can choose among normal or anonymous servers using which you can surf web anonymously. You can also test any server using this tool easily.

Proxy switching can be done easily using this tool which isn’t an easy task in normal way. You can also set it to automatic. You can also set server finding speed as per your internet speed.

All your activities can be found in the history section. The servers shown in the list are also provided with deep information like country location, speed, etc.

Using a different proxy server you can also by pass restrictions to access particular websites. While accessing internet from school or college or public computer this method is extremely helpful.

Proxy Switcher for Windows - Proxy Switcher Standard

So friends, you definitely need this software for your Windows PC as you care for your privacy over internet.

Download Proxy Switcher for Windows 7/8/XP

You can download proxy switcher for Windows easily by following the link mentioned below. When the download finishes then begin with its installation. Don’t worry, installation is very simple and trouble free.

So friends, this was the guide, I hope you enjoy surfing web more securely now. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.

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