Kaspersky Removal Tool Download to Unistall Antivirus from PC

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Kaspersky is among the top 5 best antivirus for Windows PC and it’s extremely easy to use. Its user interface is very simple and elegant. But on the other hand, it’s not that easy to uninstall it completely from PC so I’m here with a guide on Kaspersky removal tool download to uninstall antivirus from PC.

When we remove Kaspersky antivirus from our computer using the uninstall tool of Windows OS then complete files of this antivirus are not removed. Few of its usage files and registry editor entries are still left which needs to be removed too otherwise you may find some error or problem while installing any other antivirus program on PC.

Kaspersky Removal Tool Download

So it’s recommended to uninstall antivirus from PC using Kaspersky removal tool which you can download from this guide.

Why you should use Kaspersky Removal Tool to Uninstall Antivirus

There are certain reasons why you should use Kaspersky removal tool to uninstall antivirus from PC. I’m mentioning those reasons down here.

The first reason I’ve already mentioned above. While removing Kaspersky antivirus using the inbuilt uninstaller of Windows OS, complete files are not removed. There are lots of files which are left un-touched.

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The files which are not removed can create trouble for the future antivirus which you’re going to install on your PC. It may happen that next antivirus may get installed without any problem but then some of its features may not run well.

Registry editor is a special tool in Windows OS where you can find registry entries of all softwares installed on your PC. Even when a software is uninstalled then also its registry entry is not deleted. You may know a software called CCleaner which is used to remove such registry entries as you can’t remove them manually (as you’re not aware which entry is of which software).

Kaspersky Removal Tool Download to Unistall Antivirus from PC

But with this Kaspersky removal tool, it also removes registry entries of Kaspersky antivirus which was installed on your PC earlier and now there will be no problem for any future antivirus program.

So it’s useful and recommended to use Kaspersky Removal Tool to remove Kaspersky from PC.

Kaspersky Removal Tool Download to Uninstall Antivirus from PC

You can follow the link mentioned below to download Kaspersky removal tool for Windows PC to uninstall Kaspersky antivirus from PC.

So friends, this was the simple guide and I hope you completely remove Kaspersky antivirus using this tool. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends so that they can also remove Kaspersky antivirus easily and completely from their PC.

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