BBM for Android APK Download From Trusted Source Free

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Hello friends, BBM is out now on Google play store and BlackBerry has kept all of its features for free. You can easily download it from Google play store and it will get installed on your Android device automatically within few minutes. But in case you want to first download its APK and then install or share it with friends then I’m here with guide on BBM for Android APK download from trusted source.

If you’re still not aware what is BBM then I’m going to first tell you what this all about. If you’re already aware of BBM and all of its features then you can skip this part and move on to last section of this tutorial to download BBM Android APK for free.

BBM for Android Download from Trusted Source

What is BBM for Android?

BBM for Android is the official messenger app from BlackBerry. BBM stands for BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Limited has kept it for free to all the Android users. Right now it’s not available for very old Android devices i.e. it supports Android 4.0 and higher versions only so if you’re running on any version earlier than Android 4.0 then you’ve to wait for the next official update.

Using BlackBerry Messenger you can stay connected with your friends. BlackBerry use to provide this feature in its BlackBerry smartphones which were extremely popular earlier but these days Android and iOS devices have taken down its market. BBM was use to be the most popular feature of BlackBerry smartphones.

BBM let you send unlimited free texts with emoticons, smiley and also allows sharing of photos and videos over Wi-Fi or cellular data. You don’t have to rely on the messaging or text pack to send texts to your friends and this is how you this app help you to save some cash on your phone bill.

Download BBM APK for Android free

This app is also secured than any other popular app like WhatsApp. It do not create your profile with your phone number rather it creates a unique PIN of your profile. Now if someone knows your PIN then he/she can add you otherwise there is no other way. This is how privacy is achieved.

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Features of BBM for Android APK

As I mentioned in starting that you can download BBM for Android from the Google play store directly but there are two benefits of downloading BBM for Android APK.

First benefit is that you can keep this BBM APK for Android with you and install BBM on your Android device anytime you want and the second benefit is that you can share this BBM APK file with your friends and they can also install it.

You need to follow the link mentioned below to download BBM APK for Android from trusted source.

Download BBM APK for Android free

So friends, this was the simple guide. I hope you like and enjoy using this app. Do share this guide on BBM for Android APK download with your friends over Facebook.

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