Google Chrome Offline Installer (Standalone) Download

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Hello friends, now you’re going to get Google Chrome offline installer (Standalone) download. Using this offline installer you’ll be able to install the number one web browser on your Windows PC or laptop.

Before Google Chrome, browsing internet was not that easy but Google once again shown to the world that what all they can do to make the life of internet user simpler and better.

Google Chrome Offline Installer (Standalone) Download

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Benefits of Google Chrome Offline Installer (Standalone)

There are few benefits of using Google Chrome offline installer (standalone) to install this web browser and I’m going to share them with you down below.

You don’t need internet connection to install Google Chrome if you download this Google Chrome standalone offline installer package. This is because complete installation package will be there with you and you can do the installation easily and also any time you want.

You can share the installation package with your friends and can use it to install Google Chrome in multiple PCs easily but without it you’ve to download Google Chrome separately in each PCs and laptops.

Features of Google Chrome

I’m not the only one who recommends Google Chrome and found it as number one web browser. Following are its features which you’re going to experience.

Google Chrome is extremely simple to use and it got clean, simple and elegant user interface. You can directly search or put the URL on the address bar and this is the major thing which makes Google Chrome so easy to use.

It got the features which are provided by Google. It got an app store from where you can download Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, Drive and also any other app or extension developed by any third party developer.

Free Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

Using Google Chrome is much more secure than using any other web browser. These days security is the main thing for users over internet and Chrome manages your privacy well and good.

You can sign in with your Google account and your complete data will be always synchronized with your account. You can use Chrome on Android smartphone, tablet, Mac or on any other popular computing device. With your account you can keep Chrome synchronized and your data everywhere.

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Last but the most important, Google Chrome is the fastest web browser. Speed is at the base of the Chrome and it’s clearly shown by tons of speed test done around the world.

Google Chrome Offline Installer (Standalone) Download

You can download Google Chrome standalone (Offline installer) easily from the link mentioned below.

So friends, this was the guide which let you get Google Chrome offline installer download easily. Share it with your friends over Facebook.

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