Kik Messenger for iPad, BlackBerry, Android Free Download

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As you’re a smartphone user so you’ve already used messaging apps but in case you’re still searching for some better or alternative option then you can download Kik Messenger for iPad, BlackBerry, Android for free and use it as default messaging app.

Kik Messenger is available on each app store for free and it won’t ask for any money in future as well. The app has been used by 90 millions of users around the world according to its official statement but let see whether it got potential to become yours default messaging app or not.

Download Kik Messenger Free

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About Kik Messenger for Smartphones and Tablets

As I already mentioned that Kik Messenger is completely free messaging app and it is available for cross platform smartphones. This clearly means that you can easily find most of your friends using this app and it will save your text plan/pack money.

The app is quick and boots very fast (almost instantly) and runs on majority of smartphones (even on low end smartphones). The UI of this app is extremely elegant and you’ll fall in love with that for sure. We all are aware of this fact that for an app to become popular, its user interface should be elegant and simple. Well, Kik Messenger got all of them together.

The app is very simple to use. You can learn using all of its features very quickly and won’t find any trouble in using any of its features.

Kik Messenger for iPad, Blackberry, Android Free Download

The app creates your profile with a user name not with your phone number. This clearly means that app provides better level of privacy and security as no one can find your profile with your phone number unless he/she knows your user name. This feature is just another version of BBM’s PIN number feature.

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The app only allows users to send free text messages to other users who are also using Kik Messenger on their smartphone. The app informs you when the message is sent, delivered and when opposite user is typing the message for you. This is how Kik Messenger provides all messaging application features in it. The app also provides notifications for any new message which comes to you.

It also allows sending emoticons, smileys and GIF stickers which further enhance the experience of messaging. This is how the app got complete features to get you addicted with it but it surely misses out support for free voice and video calling.

Download Kik Messenger for iPad, BlackBerry, Android Free

You can download Kik Messenger for iPad, BlackBerry and Android for free from below mentioned download links.

Download Kik Messenger for iPad

Download Kik Messenger for BlackBerry

Download Kik Messenger for Android

So friends, this was the simple guide. I hope you really like using this app and it becomes your default messaging app.

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