Android Emulator for PC (Windows Computer) to Download [Top 3]

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Here on our blog you find all the tutorials which let you download and install Android apps and games on PC uses BlueStacks app player software which is an Android emulator. But it’s not the only Android emulator available on the ground so I’m mentioning here the top 3 Android emulator for PC (Windows computer).

The three emulator I’m going to mention here works great on any Windows PC but make sure few of them like BlueStacks requires your PC to run on the latest version of graphics driver, otherwise you may get trouble while the installation and may end up on unsuccessful installation.

I’m starting this guide with some useful information which will help the users who are still not aware how and why to use an Android emulator.

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What is an Android Emulator for PC?

An Android emulator or in other words software which allows installing of apps which are developed to run on Android operating system perfectly on Windows OS running PC or laptop.

Android Emulator for PC (Windows)

There are lots of apps which are extremely popular among users but are only available for Android OS. If you want to play those apps on your Windows PC then you need to first install an Android emulator which will let you install any Android app you wish.

Top 3 Android Emulator for PC (Windows)

Now I’m starting with the top 3 Android emulator for PC (Windows). You can choose any of them as per your requirements and wish to go with a particular one.

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In my personal view, all three are best and got their own pros and cons which you’ll discover when you’ll use. I’m mentioning them down here in the ascending order so the emulator mentioned on top is better than all below it.

BlueStacks App Player

If you’ve already used this Android emulator then you must be aware of its features. We here on our blog publish many tutorials which let you install Android apps on PC and you can find that we always recommend BlueStacks app player in them.

This is due to the fact that BlueStacks app player is the best Android emulator and also it has been available for free. Its installation is simplest than any other Android emulator and its UI is also elegant. You don’t need to look for any user guide to learn using it and that’s where this Android emulator differs from other.



YouWave is the second best Android emulator but it’s not available for free. Although you can use it for free for few days but then you’ve to purchase the complete version. As it got a price tag so probably it got some better tools and more support for apps, still it’s not as good as BlueStacks.

It got cleaner UI and that’s where it creates a better way to install Android apps on Windows PC.

Jar of Beans

Jar of Beans

This is the third and last name in the list here. It’s here mainly because it supports apps which are developed for Jelly Bean version of Android OS which isn’t possible yet with any other Android emulator.

Wrap up

In case you’re still looking for an option then you can also use VirtualBox which allows installing any other guest OS (even Android) on Windows or Mac OS. Do share which Android emulator you’re going to use and why.

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