Dolphin Browser for PC Download available for Windows 7/8

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Google Chrome is doing all well since it has been launched for Windows PCs but still users look for alternative due to many personal reasons. There are users who still prefer using Mozilla Firefox but there are also huge numbers of users who are looking to use browsers for mobile phones on their Windows PCs. Dolphin browser is another best mobile phone browser and I’m going to share a guide here that will provide you Dolphin Browser for PC download for Windows 7/8.

There is a big reason due to which users want to use these mobile phone browsers even on their PCs. The reason is that the mobile phone browsers works on lesser bandwidth and it can really make the browsing faster without consuming more data.

Download Dolphin Browser for PC free

Since internet has become a need these days and most of the internet plan comes with a high speed data pack i.e. data provided at higher speed is always limited. This is where the need of using mobile phone browsers on PC arise and it is logically correct to use mobile phone browser like Dolphin Browser for PC to save data.

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About Dolphin Browser

Officially Dolphin Browser is only available for Android and iOS running smartphones and tablets but still there is a genuine way following which you can download Dolphin Browser for Windows 7/8 PC easily.

Dolphin Browser is the fastest or quickest mobile web browser. It can easily save a lot of time of you as it can load web pages quickly on the existing data plan. It loads up the mobile version of each web page thus it consumes lesser bandwidth which clearly helps you to save a lot of data volume.

The app got a cleaner and simpler user interface and users don’t need to go through any user guide to learn using Dolphin Browser. The Dolphin Browser also understands gestures i.e. you can do lots of things by simply swiping on the screen of your touch screen smartphone or PC.

Dolphin Browser for PC Download

The app also allows add-ons that clearly mean that you can increase the functionality of your Dolphin Browser by adding right add-on. The add-ons are available in its official store.

The Dolphin Browser offers multi tab browsing which means you can open lots of web pages in a single window. This is where the app becomes more useful.

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It comes with download manager, social connect feature and many other feature which will definitely going to make you addicted on using Dolphin Browser as your default web browser.

Dolphin Browser for PC Download for Windows 7/8

You can follow the simple steps mentioned below to download Dolphin Browser for PC for free.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on Windows PC. You can get it for free from here.
  2. Search within BlueStacks for Dolphin Browser app. You’ll find it on Google play store.
  3. Download and install the app when you found it.

That’s all you need to do to get Dolphin Browser for PC download for free. Share this guide with your friends so that they can also save data.

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