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With the increasing uses of cameras via phone or traditional camera equipments users are sharing more and more pictures over the internet rather than texts. These days there are lots of apps available around the internet which offer features using which users can share pictures around the world, but there is another need related to the same i.e. customization of pictures so that they look unique and different.

Photo Grid is an app which has been appreciated around the world for its features. The app is available for free on Google play store and it has been featured around 46 countries on Google play store.

Photo Grid for PC download

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Features of Photo Grid Android app

This clearly shows how popular this app is. Following features are responsible for the popularity of Photo Grid Android app.

The most important feature due to which Photo Grid app is so popular is that it allows users to create collage of pictures they are currently having on their PC or device. The Photo Grid app allows users to create professional collage instantly which you may think that only a professional can create.

The editor of Photo Grid Android app allows users to swap, move, zoom, create sketch and do tons of other customization on any picture they want to customize. Users can not just create collage out of them but can also edit individual pictures.

Download Photo Grid for PC or Windows

Users can even add text and emoticons to the pictures they want to further convey any message or add a unique thing in the picture. The app also consists of clip art collection which can also be used if you’re short of ideas on how to make a picture or collage unique.

Those who are not aware of what a collage is then I’m sharing it here. Collage is a group of different pictures arranged in a random order. That’s it! Nothing else can define collage but there are no sets of rules which you’ve to follow while creating a collage.

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There are hundreds of layouts available in the app which you can use and add pictures on them to create a professional looking collage. The app is completely free and none of its features will demand you to pay.

The app also got social integration using which users can instantly share any picture created by it to Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+ and many more. Users can also email their pictures created using Photo Grid Android app.

Download Photo Grid for PC or Windows

Now I’m starting with the tutorial which you need to go through to download Photo Grid for PC or Windows. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to get Photo Grid for PC download.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks app player on your PC. You can get it for free from here.
  2. Run BlueStacks and use its search tool to find Photo Grid Android app on Google play store.
  3. Download and install the app once you found it.

That’s all you need to do to download Photo Grid for PC. Do share this guide with your friends over Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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