BlackBerry PC Suite Free Download for Windows 7/8/XP

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BlackBerry use to be the most popular smartphone brand and it has been still favorite of business class people. Earlier BlackBerry means a branded and luxury smartphone and still it maintains this tag but with the recent advancement of Android OS, there are lots of smartphones available at much cheaper price. This has hurt them by a great margin but still there are lots of users who are still happy in staying with BlackBerry. For those users I’m here to provide BlackBerry PC Suite free download.

BlackBerry PC Suite is a tool or you can call it software as well and it’s used to control the smartphone from PC. You can connect your device with either USB cable or by Bluetooth connection and you’ll be able to control and do lots of other things with the help of this software.

BlackBerry PC Suite free download

I’m first going to share the features this great and utility software will provide you so that you can know what all you can do with BlackBerry PC Suite.

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Features of BlackBerry PC Suite for Windows

The first feature of BlackBerry PC Suite is that it is available for free on the official website (we’re going to provide direct link to download it at the end) and it comes under utility category among software.

Once it is installed on your Windows 7/8/XP PC then you can connect your BlackBerry smartphone with either USB connection (using original or genuine USB cable) or Bluetooth. Once the connection is setup then you can do lots of things which I’m mentioning down here.

You can take backup of all the data stored on your BlackBerry smartphone. You can create backup of contacts, messages, call logs, calendar and every file and folder stored on the storage of your phone or on the SD card. This is how you can keep the data of your smartphone safe on PC or in any other storage media.

You can read contacts and messages directly on your PC and can even edit, add new or delete existing contacts. You can easily send messages from the PC to any contact stored on your phone.

Free Download BlackBerry PC Suite

If you’ve activated the enterprise data pack on your BlackBerry smartphone then you can also connect to internet by making your smartphone as modem. This is how you can access internet on PC via your phone.

BlackBerry PC Suite Free Download for Windows PC

The user interface of the software is elegant and extremely great in look. Although it is little bit complicated to use but still you’ll love BlackBerry PC Suite due to its features.

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They calls this software as BlackBerry Desktop Software and you can download it from the direct download link mentioned down here. Once it is downloaded then you can install it easily, its installation is almost trouble free and just like any other Windows software.

So friends, this was the guide of the day. Do share it with your friends using BlackBerry smartphones. You can also check our blog for more tutorials and guides.

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