WhatsApp for Nokia (Symbian) & Java Phones Download

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WhatsApp is available officially for certain Nokia mobile phones which are running on Symbian platform (Operating System) but the Nokia feature phones which are compatible with WhatsApp are very few. If you’re lucky to get this number one messaging app then you should download WhatsApp for Nokia (Symbian) & Java phones.

If you’re not sure that it is compatible with your Nokia (Symbian) phone or not then you need to check if your mobile phone supports JAVA. If it supports JAVA then chances of supporting WhatsApp are higher.

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In any case you should try downloading and installing WhatsApp on your Nokia phone. If it works then its great news for you and if it doesn’t then you can wait for a while as the their team is working to bring their app for more and more devices.

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Features of WhatsApp for Nokia (Symbian) & Java

You need to go through the features of WhatsApp for Nokia (Symbian) as you’re not going to experience all of the features. There are only certain features which work on Nokia mobile phones and you should be aware of them.

The first feature which works on every compatible phone is that using WhatsApp you can send unlimited number of free text messages to all other friends who are using this app on their smartphone or any other compatible mobile phone.It is meant to be used for sending free messages only but it brings tons of other features on Android and iOS running smartphones which may not work on Nokia phones.

The user interface of WhatsApp which is there on Android and iOS running smartphone is different than the one which is developed for Nokia mobile phones. Since this phones works on different platforms so the UI is changed. The UI of WhatsApp for Nokia isn’t that impressive but it’s still easy and simple to operate or use. Users only want this awesome messenger on their phone anyhow and they don’t care for the UI.

Within this app you can also share emoticons and certain graphical smileys which are provided within the app. Users are allowed to share pictures and videos but if the picture or video being shared is of large size of resolution then the Nokia phone won’t be able to support this feature. So it is better to use WhatsApp just for sending text messages.

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WhatsApp for Nokia (Symbian) & Java Phones Download

Download WhatsApp for Nokia (Symbian) & Java Phones

This messenger on other smartphones also allow users to share voice notes within the conversation but this feature isn’t supported by the Nokia phones. Nokia phones also don’t allow users to send funny GIF stickers.

Your profile is created automatically but you need to add your personal information in this app. The app can import contacts automatically from the contact app on your phone and this is how all your friends who are using WhatsApp are already listed in the app.

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You can download WhatsApp for Nokia (Symbian) & Java phones by following the download link mentioned above.

Once download is completed the app will get installed on your phone and you’ll be able to use WhatsApp on Nokia phone. Share this guide with your friends who are also looking for WhatsApp on their phones.

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