WhatsApp Plus APK for Android Free Download (Latest Version)

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WhatsApp is the favorite messaging app of most of the smartphone users and with the increasing popularity of this app the mobile phone users are also demanding to use WhatsApp on their featured mobile phone. If you want to use this messenger is a new way with some exciting new features then you should download WhatsApp Plus APK for Android.

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial version but it brings lots of features which are missing from the official version. It provides all the features which are provided by the official application but it also brings certain new or exciting features.

WhatsApp Plus APK for Android Free Download

When I heard about it then I didn’t believed that WhatsApp can be in this new form but when I used this app on my Xperia P then I believe that this unofficial version is a good alternative to the official one.

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Features of WhatsApp Plus for Android

Note : First of all, our experts at Temcam.com don’t ask or even recommend our readers to use any unofficial thing like application or software as its connected to reader’s privacy. So use this at your own risk. We have already used this application and it seemed to be good and risk free when we used it.

I’m first going to share the features WhatsApp Plus for Android is going to provide you and then I’ll share the download link using which you can download WhatsApp Plus APK for free.

I’m starting with the features now. Following are the features of this unofficial and modded app.

The WhatsApp Plus is also used to send unlimited number of free text messages to any user who is using it on his/her phone. Users can share photos, videos and voice notes easily and they won’t be charged anything for using any of these features.

This is free for first year but after than you need to pay a marginal price for using it for the next year. But in case if you don’t want to pay that price then you should use this new version which doesn’t ask for any price.

Just like official app, WhatsApp Plus also brings identical impressive, simple and elegant user interface. As a user you won’t find any trouble in using any feature of this app. The unique feature in WhatsApp Plus is that you can change the color of the logo of the app and can also choose different theme from its settings to give a personal look to the app to woo your friends.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK for Android

The app got lots of themes included within and more new themes are coming with the recent updates. Yes, this app is well maintained by its developer and they keep on update it with recent patches and features. If you doubt whether WhatsApp Plus is genuine or not then I must say that WhatsApp Plus is completely genuine and you can use it without thinking again about its genuineness.

WhatsApp Plus APK for Android Free Download

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It also allow users to hide within the app. The official one doesn’t have this feature which is little bit annoying for users who wish to stay offline. This is the app which those users should switch to.

Click Here to download this awesome application.

You should download WhatsApp Plus APK for Android (latest version) from the download link mentioned above.

You can save this file to your phone and then use the file to install WhatsApp Plus APK on any compatible Android smartphone or tablet.

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