Subway Surfers London APK for Android Free Download

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Hey friends, we received lots of request to post about Subway Surfers London Android APK file and so we have come up with this latest guide on the same. Please keep on reading this post.

Subway Surfers London is a version of this epic game which has broken all the records set by any other game earlier.  Subway Surfers has been going on updating itself with new versions. The game has been going on a world tour and with the same reason they had reached the city of London. I’m here going to provide a guide that will let you download Subway Surfers London APK for Android for free.

Free Download Subway Surfers London APK

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Subway Surfers London APK for Android Free Download

The game has received maximum downloads than any other game over the Google play store where it is available for free under the Arcade & Action category.

If you want to download this awesome game on your respective Android Mobile then here is the latest Google Play Store link

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You need to follow direct download link shared below here from your phone or PC to download Subway Surfers London APK.

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About Subway Surfers London Android APK version

The London version of the game has been the most colorful version till date but now you’re not going to find that version officially as Subway Surfers has been updated recently and the new city in which the game is in now is Mumbai (India).

The latest version of Subway Surfers Mumbai is also popular and receiving millions of downloads but still I prefer playing London version as it was more colorful than the current one.

The Subway Surfers London version came around the festival of Christmas so it got similar and Christmas inspired graphics which was the most addictive feature of the graphics of the game.

Just like any other version of the game, it is still an endless running game in which you’re found doing some illegal painting work with colorful sprays on the trains by an inspector. Now that inspector is running behind you with his dog. The grumpy inspector is making every move which you make in the game in order to catch you.

As a player you need to run as fast as you can and up to as far as you can. The game will bring lots of obstacles which usually found on the subway tracks in real life and you need to be safe from them. Many times there will be speedy trains coming towards you and you need to make sure that you leave that particular track immediately in order to be safe from it.

There will be lots of special power-ups provided to you during the running like high jumping shoes or sneakers, magnet to attract all the coins automatically, jetpack to jump over and grab some additional coins and many other power-ups which will help you out in running and boosting your high score.

Subway Surfers London APK for Android Free Download

In Subway Surfers London you’ve to collect little Christmas trees to complete a mission provided to you. Once you complete a particular mission then you’ll be rewarded with more free keys or hoverboards or coins. Award depends on the mission. There are also daily missions going on in the game which also needs to be completed.

Rest of the graphics elements, sound tracks and every other little thing of the Subway Surfers game are similar as of its first version. You won’t find anything new in the game.

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This is end of the guide now. I hope you really enjoy playing this version and must have downloaded Subway Surfers London APK Android by following the download link given above.

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