Castle Clash Cheats, Tips & Tricks (Top 6)

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Castle Clash is among the top 5 games in US according to official developers. The game is available for Android devices for free and I’m going to share a guide that will let you know Castle Clash cheats, tips & tricks. Please keep on reading this post to know more about this. We recently posted about Subway Surfers Mumbai Hacks & Cheats, if you are interested then you can visit it.

The game is although a simple but sometimes it gets extremely hard to complete a particular level or win a particular war. Here comes the role of this guide that I’m sharing here.

Castle Clash Cheats, Tips & Tricks

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The game is very popular and already got millions of users to play with. The graphics and game play of Castle Clash is of superb quality and I’m sure you’re definitely going to get addicted with it in very less time. The sound effects in the game are also very matching with the graphics going on in the background and this is how the game becomes more addictive.

Castle Clash Cheats, Tips & Tricks

In this game you’ll find cheats, tips & tricks very rare but I’m going to provide those rare ones down here. So just go through them and try to include them in your future game play.

1. The first tip that is going to help you out is that you should look for building an arena as soon as possible. This is how you’ll be able to earn more HB points in the game and you’ll end up on clearing levels easily and that too in no time.

2. You’ll be provided with four different types of troops in the game. You need to use them wisely and according to a particular strategy. This is how you can win levels easily as you’ll be using your troops effectively.

3. The town hall in each kingdom is really important and to win over an empire you should look to destroy the town hall first. If you’re not looking to destroy the town hall first then you need to look for at least 50% of the damage in the front side to win a level.

4. You also got a town hall in your empire and you should always look to increase its security by making it stronger than before in every change you’re provided with.

Castle Clash Cheats, Tips & Tricks (Top 6)

5. The Gold and Mana mine you’re having where you’re saving each penny earned in the game should be provided with maximum of security. So each time you see an available upgrade then never miss that out.

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6. There will be seasonal presents offered to you. Always look for them as they will let you get free gems and treasures.

So friends, these were the quick tips and tricks that work in Castle Clash. I hope you enjoy reading this guide on Castle Clash cheats, tips & tricks and also share this with your friends over social networks. You can get this blog bookmarked and revisit it again and again for more such updates.

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