Clash of Clans Cheats, Tips, Hacks & Glitch (Top 7)

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Clash of Clans is a very popular iOS game which is also available on the Android’s Google play store. The game is getting very popular also on the Google play store and it already got millions of Android users. I’m today going to share a guide here that will let you know Clash of Clans cheats, tips, glitches as well as hacks.

The game is very popular and you can get it for free either on your iPhone or iPad or any of your compatible Android smartphone or tablet.

Note : The word Clash of Clans hacks doesn’t mean we are providing any hacking tutorial in this post. This website don’t promote any hacking type of material. So if you were expecting any hacking related content about this game then please leave this site now, this post is all about tips, tricks, glitch which can make users playing experience more fantastic. 

Clash of Clans Cheats, Tips & Glitch

In this game you need to create your own kingdom and then fight with the rest of the world by creating a right strategy. You need to fight with other players and kingdoms and win over them to gain popularity and cash in the game.

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Clash of Clans Cheats, Tips & Glitches

I recommend you to first play it on your own without going through these cheats and tips and later come on here to go through them. This will let you know about the terms related to the game otherwise you’ll find everything new here and can easily get confused.

If you wish to win quickly over others and want to accelerate your success graph then you need to follow the below mentioned Clash of Clans cheats, tricks & hacks.

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Clash of Clans Cheats, Tips & Glitch (Top 7)

  1. The kingdom or empire you created in the game must be protected well otherwise anyone can easily get into your kingdom and can make you lose easily. When it starts you’re provided with an option to put wooden walls which are very easy to break. Once you proceed up in the game then don’t forget to upgrade these walls and get them harden enough. This is the first tip that I’ve shared with you and it is very important to making your defense stronger.
  2. As the game starts and you’re a newbie in it then you’re not able to view each level and thus you can’t make strategies in starting. So it is recommended to pick weaker troops or unit so that you can get a glimpse of the level and later buy stronger troops to win the fight.
  3. You should concentrate on a single thing while you’re confused whether to go for offense or defense. While concentrating on a single thing you’ll be able to provide it your 100%.
  4. While fighting try to destroy everything which comes in your way or you saw in the opposite kingdom. This is the only way to earn three stars while playing.
  5. Saving your gems is equal to saving money. So you should take care and think twice before using your gems to purchase anything.
  6. You should look for smaller objectives in starting as they will consume lesser resources later you can go for bigger ones. This particular tip will get you to the top.
  7. You can find unofficial apps on the app stores and use them to get unlimited gems and resources.

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