Hay Day Cheats,Tips,Tricks & Hacks (Top 5)

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Hay Day is a very popular iOS game which is available since years but recently it was introduced for the Android users as well. Hay Day is now available on the Google play store for free and you should play this amazing and addictive game if you’re looking some way to kill your time. I’m sharing top 5 Hay Day cheats, tips, tricks as well as Hacks here that will help you for sure.

Hay Day has already got popularity among the Android users as well and you can find millions of users playing the game easily. If you’re a part of a community like school friends or office mates then you can easily find lots of people playing this game.

Note : Hay Day Hacks, Cheats & Tricks doesn’t mean we are providing any illegal stuff here, also we are not promoting any hacking related content. This guide is safe to use and enhanced your gaming experience. 

Hay Day Cheats,Tips & Tricks

The game is similar to the FarmVille which is also very popular among Facebook users so you’re not going to find it a very unique one. But still you’ll find trouble to gain higher rankings in starting. In order to help you out I’m going to share some cheats, tips & tricks here that will surely help you.

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Hay Day Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Following are the tips and tricks that will definitely going to help you while playing Hay Day on any of the device whether running on Android or iOS.

1. In case you wish to move XP levels higher very fast then you should look for Apple farming. For each Apple you’ll gain 7 XPs for free and that will really going to help you out to reach at higher levels of XP. You can also find news regarding the same in the newspaper and visit other farms to gain XPs like this way.

2. By providing Facebook profile access you can get some free diamonds in the game. Coins are the main sources of money but diamonds can help you for sure.

3. When you get lots of vouchers by completing boat and truck or either from the treasure boxes then you should buy dogs and cats in the game. Once you start feeding your cat or dog then you’ll earn 30XP each time. This is another way you can increase XP level easily.

4. Once you got free space available on the outer part of your farm then you can sell it off so that any other person can put a shop in there. You can do it by putting relative advertisement in the newspaper.

Hay Day Cheats,Tips & Tricks (Top 5)

5. To earn 500,000 gold you need to put your own shop in the roadside and sell 5 pieces of wood to anyone looking for. This particular trick works only once in the game but 500,000 gold is really worth.

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These were the top 5 tips and tricks that will work on Hay Day. I hope you play this game and move up quickly using the Hay Day tricks I shared here in this guide. You can also share this guide with your Facebook friends who are also playing this game or you can tweet about it.

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