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Flappy Bird is not available to download from the official Google Play store and the iTunes app store but you can still play this game for free. Yes you can play the official Flappy Bird game on your PC or computer. I’m going to provide you a tutorial here that will let get you Flappy Bird for PC or Computer free download & play online.

The game is very addictive and its owner has put it down yesterday. The game was developed by Dong Nguyen and it was very successful on both iTunes app store and the Google Play store.

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About Flappy Bird for PC

The game was available for free and it was launched during the summer of 2013 but it became popular during the December month of the 2013. According to the official stats of the game, It helped the developer to make $50,000 every day by the ad revenue but still the developer took down this awesome app.

Download Flappy Bird for PC

It was having a very basic game play but still it became very addictive. In this game you’ve to control a bird named Flappy Bird and she is trying to fly away as far as you can manage.

There are couples of pipes through which you need to manage the Flappy Bird bypass successfully. Each pipe you passed out means a single score and there are endless pipes coming in your way.

The graphics of the game were very basic but of good quality. There was no lag in the performance of the game and it run through well even on low end smartphones.

Flappy Bird for PC or Computer Free Download & Play Online

Now since the game is deleted and the developer is in no mood to put it back so I’m providing here ways using which you can download it on your computer and play it online as well.

How to Play Flappy Bird Online for free

You can play the HTML version of the Flappy Bird game online on your PC. You can find the same game over here and you don’t need to install any software for it.

There you can play the very similar looking game to the Flappy Bird and I’m sure you’re definitely going to love this method.

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Download Flappy Bird for PC

You can still install it using the BlueStacks on your PC or you can still install it on your Android device.

  1. Download and install the BlueStacks software first on your PC.
  2. Once you got the BlueStacks ready then download the Flappy Bird Android APK from here.
  3. Double click on the APK file once it’s downloaded and open it using BlueStacks.
  4. Install the game by following on screen instructions.

That’s it! You can use the same APK file to install the game on your Android device for free. Share this guide with your friends guys so that all your friends can enjoy playing this very addictive game.

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