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The time has changed, and no longer is a PlayStation or an Xbox needed to experience incredible gameplay. Even the format of games have changed, the games on mobile platform are very popular these days as they offer intense gameplay, mind-blowing action and much more. However, there is a specific group of gamers hooked into bigger screen games but the number of mobile and tablet gamers are increasing considerably. This has led to some serious developments in the mobile gaming industry over the past few years. Many major gaming companies are focussing on mobile games. And now you can see a lot of games of size as high as 2-3 GBs. Yes, those games are for mobile platforms and you need to believe that.


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Dungeon Hunter 4 is the latest addition to the popular dungeon hunter series by Gameloft is one such game available in mobile platforms where you will find all the attributes of a good game.

No Worries If You Don’t Have A Smartphone

Yes, Dungeon Hunter 4 was developed for mobile platforms but as they say there is always an alternative, the same applies here. If you do not have a smartphone or if you wish to play Dungeon Hunter 4 on your PC then you need not to worry.

You just need an emulator to play this game. BlueStacks is an android emulator and it can run Dungeon Hunter 4, which is available in Android PlayStore.

Get BlueStacks And Enjoy Dungeon Hunter 4

You have a lot of options while choosing an emulator but BlueStacks is easy to configure so you can rely on it. Here are the steps to get BlueStacks and use it:

  1. Download BlueStacks from here!
  2. The next thing you got to do is to install it on your PC. The installation process is very much similar to other installations.
  3. After that, open BlueStacks and find Dungeon Hunter 4 in the market place provided in the interface.
  4. Download the file and install it.
  5. Wait for the installation to finish.

Wait for the notification in the taskbar confirming that the installation is successful. Now it’s time to enjoy Dungeon Hunter 4 in your Windows PC.

Indulge In Intense GamePlay

Dungeon Hunter 4 can be categorised as an action RPG. When you start the game, you can choose the type of character you want to play with. Customise your character and start your epic adventure amidst demons and magical creatures trying to block your path. Save the world from dark forces, fight powerful devils and win battles. Use your magic to cast spell on your enemies and fight your way. Fall in love with the stunning visuals. Stock up your inventory as you will get a lot of collectables which you can use to upgrade your characters.


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You can use the keyboard to control the game, and it’ll run smoothly, knowing that it’s for Smartphones … Great, isn’t it? Gradually you will get accustomed with the controls and the gameplay.

So, get ready for some action and kill some monsters!


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