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Sonic the Hedgehog is an iconic character from an iconic gaming title coming from the house of SEGA. Initially introduced during the 16-bit era of 2D side scrolling games, the game has been re-released on a number of platforms from consoles to handhelds and very recently to smartphones. However, there haven’t been any true ports to PC for either of the OS. But with its launch on Android things may change dramatically.


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While your PC may not run the game directly, it can instead run the stock OS (Android) via a software called BlueStacks, which is basically an android emulator. With access to Google play store, one can easily download and play Sonic the hedgehog on PC.

Sonic Saga

Most folks who have played games previously especially during the 90s are well aware about Sonic and the various versions of game released. Sonic has been released for both Android and iOS and is available to download without any annoying IAPs. The game brings back the classic 2D side scrolling sonic environment to smartphones. The game offers the standard features available in mobile games such as achievements, save points, leaderboards, time trials and also multiplayer support. The levels are kept identical to the original without any changes in topology overall. Power ups from the original games also exist which makes the experience unique.

The Gameplay

The game features three playable characters to start with – Sonic, his companion Tales or Knuckles the Echidna, though the last character made appearance only in Sonic 3. The controls are on screen and feature a virtual joystick with movement controls on left and jump/spin on right. The controls are not totally unusable but often too small for the average fingers. Instead it is more likely that the game will be far more feasible with a controller/joystick (preferably MOGA controller) paired over Bluetooth. The gameplay is enhanced mostly by the complex and challenging levels as well as power ups like timed attack mode. Also, the spin dash mode is something interesting as it makes the game easier and less frustrating than the original.


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Enjoying On Your PC

While the game is officially released for smartphones and tabs, there is no reason to believe that it can’t run on your PC. All one needs is an android emulator and an internet connection.

The rest of the steps are fairly easy, just follow as stated below:

  • Download the setup the BlueStacks and run the installer.
  • Upon successful download and installation, set your preferences when it runs first i.e. language and keyboard use.
  • On the home, click on the search bar on top and type Sonic the hedgehog and search for it.
  • Wait for it to show up and click on the link.
  • On clicking, it will take you to the Google Play store or 1Mobile Market from where click on the install button.
  • This will initiate the download and installation automatically.
  • Once complete, you can see the game in the main menu and clicking on it starts it off.

With BlueStacks on your system, Sonic the Hedgehog for PC becomes trivial to enjoy.


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