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Though Autodesk has come up with a very small list of updates in its version AutoCAD 2014 but whatever changes have been made are visible and attractive. The user interface has been designed now in a way that is providing branding to Autodesk in a better way. Many of the features are improved and new features are added in sections like command line and others. If you log in to your Autodesk 360 account, you can see a number of changes that are made through cloud. You will notice, design feed, geographic location, exchange apps and many other features that are provided for you in the application.


Cloud Support

As mentioned before, more emphasis has been provided on the features with cloud support. A new tool that has been added is the Reality Capture. Using this tool you can laser scan an object to process it to cloud data. This will help you in managing large amount of data in the formats that can be easily read by AutoCAD. The tool converts the scanned data to a number of supportable formats such as Leica, Lidar and Faro.

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Also, there are some other features added to make the scanned object look like the actual object. An option tool named the Stylization controls has been added that helps you in providing the color of the actual object to the scanned object on the screen.

Touch Screen and Secure Load

The updated application AutoCAD 2014 is featured with Touch Screen option. When the application detects a device with touch screen facility, it will display the ribbon panel that consists of touch features. This is mainly made for Windows 8 and hence if you are using the program on the operating system of Windows 8 on your computer, then you can easily use the feature of touch screen.

The application program AutoCAD 2014 also has got a new tool called the Secure that helps you to keep your system secure from various malicious applications. Just go to the Options tab and switch on this tool and get the Trusted Search Paths. Now whenever any file gets loaded from outside the trusted paths, a warning will be displayed on the screen, making you aware of the possible infiltration.

Other Things

Apart from the major features that have been added in the program AutoCAD 2014, there are many other small changes that have been made in the existing application. Now you can use arcs in any direction using the CTRL keys. Also, now when you open a new sheet, you sheet will be saved under the creation date of the sheet in place of the .DWT file. You can now also convert current drawings to different plot styles and insert dialog boxes and other blocks. The most important thing that has been added to the command line is the undo option.

The best operating system to use on in case of AutoCAD 2014 is Windows 8 due to its touchscreen feature. But the program application is also compatible to other two versions also that is Windows 7 and Windows XP.

So, get this latest release from AutoDesk, i.e. AutoCad 2014 by clicking download button below.


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