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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a vehicle simulation game and is the second release of the Euro Truck Simulator series which was released on October 2012 The simulation game was originally developed for Windows and Linux platform only. The game was developed by SCS software and it is the sequel of the 2008 released game of the same name. The player has to drive a truck on European streets and as a carrier, he has to pick up goods and deliver them to destinations like a normal trucking service. The game gets exciting while progressing as money comes into play. The player can do a lot with the money, like buying trucks or other cargo vehicle. You can hire drivers with that money and also buy depots.


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Interesting Features

The game starts from a European City as chosen by the player. The game provides various destinations in European countries like Belgium, Austria, France Germany and others. At the starting of the game the player is a simple truck driver delivering short distance goods supply called quick jobs. This stating part of the game brings in the thrill of what can come up. The player can enjoy a driver’s view of the truck and these features make the game a perfect simulator. Other than the fun of exploring new routes and the delivery marks on the game map, it is the money rolling in your account that will make you do more jobs in the game.

The Map Is Quite Interesting With Customized Roadways

If you will consider the game’s graphics, they are really good and Czech Studio SCS has done their best to make the feel of the truck driver in the gamers. You can run your truck on the wide network of roadways within the part of Europe’s map they have provided for the game. The east and west extremes are marked by Wroclaw and Plymouth respectively. The swathe stretches from Aberdeen in the North and Milan in the South. The roadways have been changed and concentrated but seem to be a long stretch as for the whole game. It takes a long dedicated playing to cover the map completely. There are both single player and multiplayer modes for this game.


Downloadable add-ons and Mobs

There is certain add-on available on the internet that extends the map on a particular direction. “Going East!” is one such add-on released on the internet by SCS that can be downloaded but you have to pay for the add-on. This adds new destination for cargo delivery in Czech Republic, Hungary and the eastern countries on the game map. You need to have the original game installed with the proper key to have this add-on. Some of the other downloadable contents include the paint job themes like Halloween themed paint job. If you download the mods for the game, there are additional game content that increases the map size.


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So, if you’re excited enough to get this on your system, hit the download button below!


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