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Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a video game published by Rockstar Games. Developed by Rockstar North, it is an action packed adventure game set in an open-world environment that allows players to interact with the gaming world according to their leisure. It is played from the perspective of a third person and runs on various consoles and formats like- PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows and Xbox. It is a single-player game, and is one of the most ambitious and diverse interactive games ever created.


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Plot Of The Game

Set in the year 1986, in the fictional Vice City, the game is inspired from the American culture of the 1980s. Vice City is heavily modelled on Miami, and the game follows a Mafia hitman, Tommy Vercetti, just released from prison. He was involved in a drug deal that had gone wrong and the game traces Tommy’s journey as he seeks out those responsible. In the process he builds his own criminal empire and usurps the powers of other crime organizations of Vice City.


Much like the previous GTA titles, this game is also open-ended. However, several missions must be completed in order to finish the storyline and also unlock more areas of the city. Various hidden packages and weapons can also be found scattered across the landscape. Some of the most interactive and interesting things that players can indulge in are, stealing a horde of different sorts of vehicles ranging from motorcycles to cars, and from boats to even helicopters; participate in robberies and also in drive-by shooting. This, however, may lead to unwanted police attention, or, in severe cases, the FBI and the National Guard. But there are ways to neutralize it.


An integral part of the events of the story are the appearances of various gangs. These gangs may be friend or foe, and they act accordingly. Spontaneous shootouts between rival gangs are common and these fights between opposing gangs are involved in various missions. Rewards in the form of money and advantages, like increased armor capacity, health and infinite sprint, can be earned by completing various difficulty levels of certain optional side-missions. Some of these include- making pizza deliveries, driving an ambulance to get injured ones to the hospital and extinguishing fires with the help of a fire truck.

New Additions/ Changes added from previous GTA Editions

The biggest addition to the game is the player’s ability to buy properties distributed throughout the city. These are basically hideouts where players can store and collect weapons and also save the game. Termed as “assets”, players can also purchase several businesses. Some of these include- a taxi company, a film studio, a strip club and a dance club, among others. These generally have a set of missions attached to them, and will generate income for Vercetti, once they are completed.


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Why GTA Vice City?

GTA Vice City is a game for everyone. From the speed enthusiasts (high-speed motorbikes and cars), to the sportsman (enjoying the outdoors in a powerboat or golf buggy), from the freedom seeker (helicopter ride to view the city from above), to the creepy and secretive type (the game is full of surprises at every turn). GTA Vice City can keep anyone engaged and awed.


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