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Now you can design your every detail by the CAD software. AutoCAD software is that with which you can create wonderful designs. With the AutoCAD 2015 documentation and design software, you can achieve any designing feat:-

  • You can document speedily and work in detail with the productivity tools.
  • You can share the work done with the Trusted DWG technology.
  • You will also be able to establish a connection of your workflow between integrated desktop, mobile and cloud solutions.
  • You will also be able to select the platform for CAD design in both AutoCAD for Mac or Windows.


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Features of AutoCAD 2015

AutoCAD 2015 software includes the following features:

  • It is a modern interface, which is updated and improves the process of designing as well as productivity which in turn enhances the speed of your workflow.
  • You can open existing or new drawings quickly with the help of New Tab page.
  • You can also access the content of the drawing directly through the ribbon also; find the tools via an enhanced Help window.

Documentation Features

  • The feel and look of this new interface which has been updated, helps the design procedure to improve.
  • The drawing content can be directly accessed visually through the ribbon.
  • You can open existing and new drawings quickly and also access a chunk of the design elements.
  • You can also have a preview of outcomes of the commands frequently used before you will commit them.
  • Now with the new and improved Help window, you can see the tool locations in the interface.
  • You will be able to capture your design details with the help of AutoCAD tools of documentation.
  • AutoCorrect, Synonym Suggestions and Adaptive Suggestions are included in Command Line Interface. AutoComplete is another new feature which supports search in mid-string.
  • You can also access the tools required for creating Detail and Section views. You will also be able to choose from the methods of common section like, full or half or offset or aligned.
  • You can also maintain and establish relationships between objects which are arrayed.

Design Features


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  • On-line maps can be accessed easily in the canvas, directly. These images can now be captured as static ones and then be printed.
  • The cloud functionality in relation to point has been enhanced. It now includes the display of colors by levels and geo-location.
  • You will be able to extract the isoline curves to design the contour of any shapes through a specific point either on a solid or a surface.
  • You can also offset and extrude curves, in this way, creating solids surfaces.
  • You will also be able to generate ideas of design in any imaginable form. You can pull or push the faces, vertexes and edges in order to create complex shapes or add surfaces, etc.
  • You will be able to analyze the curvature, draft and continuity of 3D surfaces and solids.
  • There are new controls of viewport which enables changing of viewport settings, visual styles and views on the canvas of viewport.
  • Arrayed objects can be defined in 3D.

So, with so many features to use from, if you’re a CAD software users, download latest AutoCad 2015 by clicking download button below!


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