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The impact of modern technology in the gaming industry is immense, and if you doubt, ask the gamers! Gameplay, graphics and what not, you call it a makeover? No, a revolutionary change rather, maybe even more. With the development of CGI and other new techniques modern day games are nothing less than enthralling. Call of Duty Black Ops II is such a game; developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, this one is certainly a game you cannot afford to miss.


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The COD Way Of Warfare

Black Ops 2 is the ninth version of the Call of Duty series popularly known as COD. It is a first person shooting game where you fight your enemies with a team and not alone. With an M rating it is not recommended for kids. Abusive language, smoking, drugs and a lot of violence but that’s not COD is all about. It’s about the stunning graphics, excellent gameplay and a gripping storyline that make this ninth installment an absolute marvel.

Gameplay That Will Keep You Glued Throughout

Set in a futuristic backdrop, the gameplay is amazing with its hi-tech gadgets and grounded weaponry. It all starts in the year 2025, and you play as David Mason the lead protagonist. Intense gun fight, mind numbing action, hot pursuits, thrilling close combat and much more. The ultimate aim is to stop Raul Menendez, the leader of ‘Cordis Die’. Much of an anti-hero and less of a bad guy, the story revolves around Mason trying to put an end to Menendez’s vindictive efforts. This classic military shooter will make you drool, an absolute visual treat for the eyes. The minute details have been given so much importance, from rich graphical landscapes to the sensational fight scenes Treyarch has put a lot of effort to make this sequel. The background music is also terrific.


What Makes It Different?

As an instalment of Call of Duty, it was meant to be big. Many loved COD when it all started, though there were other big names in this genre like Medal of Honor, Delta Force, etc. But gradually Call of Duty gained much more popularity. So, when the trailer was released the entire gaming industry was waiting for it to release. Everything was clear when it released and it was not long when most of them said that this was the best installment of Call of Duty ever made. Well there were a lot of changes with the major difference being the first ever COD game to have multiple endings according to the choices made during the gameplay.Gone are the days when thermal goggles were a privilege, in Black Ops II you can switch on your invisible cloak to sneak past your enemies. As you keep on playing you will discover the significant changes, and the more you will like it.


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Why You Cannot Miss it?

  • Movie like action
  • Captivating gameplay
  • Incredible background score
  • Fabulous storyline

Black Ops 2 is quite different than its previous versions, and if you’re a COD fans, you are bound to love it and if you haven’t played COD before get ready to add this to your favorites. Hit the download button below to get it for free!


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