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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most famous video games world-wide. It happens to be an open action- adventure video game developed by Rockstar North. It was released for the first time on 26th October 2004, with the PlayStation 2 as its platform. On 27th January, this game was relaunched on the windows phone platform. Previously it had also been launched on the Windows Xbox.


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The History

This well renounced game was published by Rockstar Games, as a part of the Grand Theft Auto series. San Andreas was the seventh game of this series, the first of which was Grand Auto Theft: Vice City. This game was launched along with a 26 minutes film video about the proceedings of the game. The popularity of the game led it to the production of the mobile version of the game. Thus, this game was launched on the iOS devices too. Soon the Android and Kindle versions were also launched. The windows phone version was also released, making it most demanded game.

The Game

This game has been programmed as such the gamers can play at their leisure. Based on the perspective of a third person, this game allows the gamer/gamers to navigate in the fictitious state in the U.S., San Andreas. This fictitious state is a lot like California and Nevada in certain ways. The cities shown in this game have been inspired from actual cities, like Los Santo is like Los Angeles: San Fierro like San Francisco and lastly Las Venturas is based on Las Vegas. The plot has also been inspired from real life events like gang rivalry, riots and scandals. The plot revolves around the protagonist who is informed of his mother’s murder after he returns home. He arrives to find his former life in a mess and tries to rearrange everything and avenge his mother’s death. He attempts to reestablish an old clan of gang and finds out the truth behind his mother’s murder.


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The Reception

This game was well acclaimed upon its release. Many people hailed it to be one of the best PS2 games ever. It was acknowledged with an average review score of 95%, as declared by Metacritic, thus it was ranked fifth highest ranked game in the history of PS2 games. This game was mostly praised for its captivating plot, background music, sound acting, and the size of the state of San Andreas. In spite of all the praises, this game was not exempt from criticism. The low resolution textures, inefficient characterization and graphical mishaps were some of the criticisms. This game also stirred up several controversies, which includes the Hot Coffee Mod controversy, of which the patch was released by Patrick Wildenborg.

So, in case you’re the die hard fan of GTA series, download GTA San Andreas for free!


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