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Android App market has a long list of interesting games and Pixel Dungeon is one of them. It is quite a simple yet interesting game and the entire game is designed in pixel art graphics. It’s interface is very simple to play. Just like other rouge-like games it has a very unusual interface. If you don’t have an android phone and if you want to enjoy the game on your PC, you have that option too. The game is designed in such a way that it can be played by small children also and no doubt it can arrest the attention of the youth also.


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Concept And Development:

The concept for the game was actually written by Watabou and in no time it was well accepted by the developers. The basic theme and plot of the game was inspired by Brogue. The entire m was then developed and many new features were added to make it more interesting for the players and they successfully incorporated things like badges and they then planned to connect the scores to the server so that all the Pixel Dungeon players can be ranked and then Ranking was introduced in the interface and it showed where the player stands among other Pixel Dungeon players

Features Of The Game:

You can experience a classic touch of arcade game in your PC and you can enjoy them to the most, as there is no repetition of levels in the game. There are basically two simple movements that are used to navigate in the game and they are horizontal and vertical movements or up, down and left right. As you propagate, you will have to face monsters and you have to dodge them in some way, so that you can reach the goal or the exit to the dungeon. They have nearly 25 levels that are generated randomly.

Android comes up with regular updates for the game and the new updates comes with a loads of additions. They have introduced new monsters, new sound effects, there are indicators to show the durability in the inventory window. The different levels have foods and HP points. The game gets harder with every rising levels. If you are worried about the price or you do not believe in buying games from the app market, you need not worry as this game is absolutely free.

Bluestacks And Pixel Dungeon

If you want to play pixel dungeon on your PC, you have to find a way to play android apps and games on Windows or Mac platform. Android games and apps come in APK file which is not supported on windows.

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You need to download Bluestacks which is an Android emulator. After downloading the latest version of Bluestacks, you need to install it and open the emulator. You can directly search for android apps and games. You can type “Pixel Dungeon” on the search bar and you can get the game from google play store. You need to download it on Bluestacks and after installing you can enjoy the game like you play it on any android phone.


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