Asphalt 8 for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

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Internet games are the buzzword these days, as not only the younger generation but the computer literate people of different stratum, are habituated in playing games in PC or other devices. Erstwhile outdoor and indoor games are being replaced by various nature of internet based games and apps, which are the main craze, not only among the younger generation but in the net community, irrespective of age and strata, in general.


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Asphalt 8 for PC is the successor to the earlier exceedingly popular racing game, Asphalt 7. It carries on the convention of providing a thrilling racing experience with some added features. The title of the game is a pointer to the biggest change compared to its predecessor. You can do some exciting stunt e.g. Barrel Rolls by driving on top of one of the many angled access ramp there on the track, which provides a mix of gravity and impetus. In almost all cases one can trust that you will land safely, unless you’re really messes up the approach. The Flat Spin jumps require perfection because in this game, braking of the car at a high speed is required and in this case angle of approach is the determining factor of win or failure. This game can be played in various modes e.g. local Wi-Fi race, World Series (Multiplayer over the Internet), the Career mode or a quick Solo race.

Downloading of Asphalt 8 for PC With Bluestacks:

Asphalt 8 for PC can be played by using an android simulator and the best android emulator is the Bluestacks with the updated version, which provides a bugs-free version. First of all, you have to download the Bluestacks in the PC. After installing and simultaneously opening up the emulator, you have to open GooglePlay by using a Gmail I/D. Now download the game from GooglePlay on Bluestacks to enjoy the ease of playing the game on PC with a comfort, available in Smart-phones or Tablets with android support.

Review Of The Game:

Although the game comes with excellent graphics but you need to have the latest devices to enjoy these to the fullest. Nonetheless, we use to like the detail that one could flawlessly switch from one gadget to the other and the game has the ability to sync the advancement via the cloud using the Center ID of the Game for validation. While the winning of this game is quite difficult, particularly with the cheap car, but the start is fairly easier. One can easily upgrade the car by buying the advance version of the app or by winning races, which is difficult but exciting. The in-built music in the game is very good with options to choose from different genre.


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Every individual event in a period is being linked with a city. Therefore, the user can be driving transversely in the desert in one event, and in another occasion speeding through the streets of another city or highway. You could go through tunnels, keep away from approaching traffic, and even realize one or more shortcut/s on the way.

So, if you are excited enough to get it rolling, download it today!


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