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Drag Race: Rush is a three dimensional racing game with the traditional operating model of the drag race genre. This game tests all the skills ranging from the changing of the gears at the appropriate time to the leverage and a quick start before the opponent. Unlike other games, wherein the obstacles are inclusive of dodging cars or going ahead of a track full of opponents. This game entails beating only one opponent to the finish line. Basically there are four options of cars to choose from. This game is uncomplicated. Additionally, there is a manual for the gamer to understand the game better.


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Overview: About The Game Drag Race Rush

The commands in this game are responsive and prompt, which makes the controls of the game effective and essential. The control icons are situated on the side of the screen and thus don’t cause any disturbance in the display and they are very responsive. The ambiance of adrenaline and speed is enhanced by the lively, peppy background music and sounds, which are relevant to the movement of the gamers and is synchronized with the progression of the players on the screen. However, the sound can be put on mute as well. The well developed graphics and designs go a long way to enable the proper representation of the physical models.

Features Of The Game: Drag Race Rush

This game provides a variety of the world’s best licensed racing vehicles. The location of the races spread over three prominent continents. The game starts from Asia, proceeds through Europe and eventually ends in America. Svetlana is a character of a Russian girl, who aids the gamers at various situations to recognize danger and the tricks employed by the opponents as well as provide them with tricks and tips to win. The scenic beauty of the visuals is quite a treat to the eye, as is the charm of the background music.

Running It On Windows Computer via Bluestacks:

This game had been designed specifically for the Android market, with the Android operating system. There is no version of this game, which had been created with the purpose of operating it on the PC. Therefore, in order to make it available on PC, it will require the aid of certain emulator like Bluestacks.


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Bluestack is an emulator or a software or application which helps in the smooth functioning of any android application on windows PC. This software can be downloaded from here. Its presence is requirement for the installation of this game. After downloading this software, look for ‘ Drag Race Rush for PC’ on the search engine, which is located at the top of the home page of the emulator. From there the page is directed to the application store, wherein the Drag Race Rush for PC can be obtained. Then run the game and click on install. The installation process takes a few minutes after which the gamers are all set to start playing the game!


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