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The latest in the social networking sphere is a unique app called Rounds Video Chat. The application is very new and very unique, and includes the feature of video chatting as the way for socializing. However, it is not only video chatting that is taking the app to the next level. Included in this experience are gaming and watching YouTube videos in a group. Moreover, this app is absolutely free. Essentially available for Android and iOS platforms, this brilliant app can also run on your Windows PC. This can be achieved absolutely free with the help of the amazing emulator called Bluestacks.


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How To Get Started?

Before you dive into Rounds Video Chat there is one thing you need to do, i.e. joining the app community by connecting the app to Facebook. This is completely safe and the app won’t ever post on your behalf. What it will do is extract your Facebook contacts and check whether they are in the app community or not. If you don’t have any friends on the app community then you can easily invite them via Facebook or SMS.


In order to connect to a friend through video conferencing all you need to do, after you have completed the above procedures, is go to the ‘Make a Call’ option. This option basically lists all your friends connected with this app. You can then easily select the friend you want to talk to and the app will connect to the server and notify the person by ringing them. This works more effectively if you are connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G network. There are loads of things that you can enjoy, while you are making a video call through this app. Like watching YouTube videos together, or playing games together. All you need to do is play a YouTube video and it directly gets broadcasted to the users connected to the particular video call. Moreover, you can use push to talk and also use the web browser while making a video call.

One of the most exciting features of this app is the doodle chat. This feature allows you to share doodles that you have created with your friends. All you need to do for using this feature is to tap anywhere on the screen while chatting and start creating your own doodle. Another interesting feature is ‘Moments’, which is similar to a Facebook status update. Where you can share your thoughts and your friends basically react on them.

Getting The App For Windows PC:

While this app is typically meant for Android and iOS, you can use it on your PC with the help of the emulator, Bluestacks. Following these simple steps you can enjoy this app on your PC.


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  • Download Bluestacks’ latest Windows version.
  • Use your Gmail id to create a play store account after selecting the language.
  • Search for “Rounds Video Chat” in the search bar.
  • After you reach the app page on play store, click “Install”. This will download and install the app.
  • When you can see the icon of the app on the main menu, launch the app by clicking on it

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