Get Wynk Music For PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

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Wynk is a music application which is famous for its collection of more than 1.8 million songs over diverse genres. It contains songs for every sort of mood possible. Ranging from Rihanna to Rahman, it entails live streaming of songs and you can download songs from diverse genres, artists, mood or on shuffle mode. The latest version has fixed the bugs and portrayed a fresh new outlook. This application takes a net space of 12.6 MB. The languages found in this application are Hindi, English and 6 other regional languages. This application has been created by Bharti Airtel Ltd. This application is also devoid of advertisements, which adds uniqueness to it.


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Highlights Of The Wynk Application:

  • Without a subscription, the application allows the user to stream up to 100 songs each month.
  • This application offers songs from diverse genres.
  • The focus of this application is basically on the youth as it has been portrayed by the commercials.

Features Of The Wynk Application:

  • This application also entails the feature which allows user to tune in to internet radio.
  • This application is essentially ad-free.
  • Any of the songs can be used to set up as a ‘Hello Tune’ by the application user.
  • The mp3 version of songs can be purchased.
  • Also, while listening to the songs, the lyrics of that particular song can also be viewed.
  • The subscription fees for Android devices is ₹99 per month, while ₹60 per month for the iOS devices. This application is not supported by the computer generally, but with the help of the Bluestacks application, Wynk for PC can be installed and launched.
  • As of now, only two aspects of this application’s subscription are available to the users, the Wynk plus and Wynk Freedom. A user can also surf the songs of their choice online without having to subscribe them. The latter has only been introduced for the benefit of airtel customers with 3G connection. The main advantage of this package is the advantage of being able to download and stream unlimited amount of songs without incurring any additional data charges. The latter package had been made available only for Android devices and at present working with Apple to launch the application on their devices.

Wynk On PC:


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This application had been launched by Airtel, specifically for mobile devices. But as time went by, a demand rose for its installation on the computer. Wynk for PC can be obtained with the help of Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an android emulator, which is a software or application which enables the smooth functioning of any Android application on the windows PC. All that needs to be done is to download Bluestacks. It is very easy to download Bluestacks, as it can be installed with nil complications. The next step is to look for the search icon in Bluestacks and search for Wynk in the search engine and download it from there. After that the application Wynk can be launched from main interface of emulator Bluestacks.


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