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Sharing any file between devices through wireless system has gradually become a tiresome job, mainly when the files are very large and heavy. Be it mobile or PC, files are generally shared with the help of Bluetooth or any internet network. It is simple to share small sized files via Bluetooth, though it does become hard to do so in case of huge files. Besides, using Bluetooth may take a long time. One can also utilize the internet system like cloud sharing. But, this also has its demerits, leading to a clogged online connection. For getting rid of such short fall, some app creators have come forward with app which permit users to share files efficiently just with a Wi-Fi connection, and SuperBeam is one of these categories of apps.


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How To Use SuperBeam To Share Files?

SuperBeam is very speedy and also easy to use application that gives an android user an opportunity to share bulky files through Wi-Fi in a direct way. A user has to pair off the device by means of QR code, or a sharing key. While the paired devices do not consist of SuperBeam, one can do it through web based interface. Speed of sharing the files is excellent, allowing the users to move and share images, films, song or big files in a matter of seconds. What one has to do is to choose the documents or files, which are to be shared and these will be transported within seconds.

If anyone decides for sharing a file, then the other device must also consist of the Pro version of this SuperBeam. When any file needs to be transferred to computer from Android device, that computer should have SuperBeam along with any Android emulator, which helps in running this SuperBeam app.

This application is designed with light as well as dark colored themes in order to go with the aesthetics of all users. In addition to this, it offers more compatibility for the restricted Wi-Fi systems by utilizing port 8080, designed for the various kinds of transmissions.

Steps To Run SuperBeam On Computer:


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  • This application was designed and intended basically for using with the android operating system and so those who want to make use of the program onto their computers or PCs have to download the best android emulator BlueStacks. This emulator will enable you to seek the app and use it on the personal computer. Download Bluestack first!
  • Install it.
  • When this emulator gets downloaded just search for the application ‘Superbeam’ using the search box of this android emulator. It will direct the user to Google play store so that the app can be accessed easily. Then, press the install button so that the app will begin downloading.
  • When the application is downloaded, one thing that is to be performed is to install and operate the app.

As a whole, it can be stated that SuperBeam is really a great program for any person who often shares documents wirelessly. This app will even make the sharing speedy and efficient.


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