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Mobile games have grabbed the attention of almost all mobile users, and with the arrival of Smartphone, the popularity of the mobile game has increased to a great extent. Temple Run 2 is one such game that is downloaded by a lot of players. It is a quite popular game designed for the modern Smartphone. This game is a successor to Temple Run that was primarily created to be played on all iOS handsets. The game gave a great success to the players. Temple Run 2 is comparatively more advanced in terms of graphics as well as gameplay.


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New features and plot of Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is a type of endless runner game. As per the plot of the game, the player is all alone in the forest to locate a temple and finds the idol, which is present inside it. In some way, the players have to find out the temple to obtain the idol. However, the gamers do not know that a trick was fixed for the thieves; the guards of the temple are after the players. They have to run away from the fiend that is following them. It is the major thing in this game, which the players need to carry out for escaping.

Some types of modifications have been done in this latest version of the game Temple Run 2. In case of the earlier versions, it is seen that three giants were going after the players to knock them out. On the other hand, in temple run 2, such things have been substituted by an individual big monster, which will grasp the players while they hit the barrier more than one time. As the graphics of this game have been improved in Temple Run 2, the players will surely want to play the game for long hours without getting bored.

Regarding the characters of the game, it is to be noted that initially a single player will be released. To unlock more numbers of players, there is the need of coins. Gems are also introduced in this game of Temple Run 2, and these can be utilized to carry on the game while expired. Gems functions like that of the Wings in the game of Temple Run. Playing the game is quite easy because the main aim is to proceed as much as possible, gathering all coins, trinkets and many other collectables. In addition to it, there are some other goals as weekly or daily, and also the objectives, which levels up and offers extra coins.


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Before downloading Temple Run 2 for Mac, the users need to have the best Android emulator on their computers.

Steps to install Bluestacks

1. Click here to download this emulator for Mac.
2. When it is downloaded, one can install it on Mac.
3. Bear in mind that it needs Apple MAC that has OSX 10 or greater.

Download The Game On Computer

1. Run Bluestacks software on your Mac system.
2. Look for Temple Run 2 with the help of the search feature of the app player.
3. Then, install the game on the Mac.
Now play Temple Run 2 on your Mac based system.


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