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Need for Speed No Limits is one of the latest video games designed basically for the iOS and Android users. This video game is the creation of Firemonkeys Studios, and is issued by Electronic Arts. It is the first original title of the franchise, and is exclusively intended for the mobile handsets.

Plot Of The Game

The game Need For speed: No Limits opens with a gamer in Blackridge. There is a race in opposition to Marcus King who is the chief of the group of Blackridge Royals racing. They are presented, by Marcus, a vehicle to drive for the competition as the garage gate gradually rises to expose it to be the Hoonigan based Ford Mustang GT. The gamer is seen to drive the BMW M4 along with two other associates of his racing team. These two members will be  driving Mazda RX7 and Toyota GT86. Hitting Marcus to the end line, the gamer is informed by Marcus King that Mustang, which is presented to them for their competition was stolen. After that a helicopter of police hovers over the head while the sound of the alarm bells of police draws ever closer. The gamer is interrupted by a number of police vehicles because Marcus admits to the gamer that he does not desire them or their Mustang on the road.

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Marcus runs off with the members of his crew, and then leaves the gamer with Mustang to avoid the increasing presence of police officers. The player tries to evade the police and goes back to the garage from where the car came. He wants to find out Kim who formerly owned the Mustang. She recognized that Marcus was attempting to remove her from their street racing site in Blackridge. With such story line build up, there are many inward tweaks and plots.

Events And Other Features Of The Game

There are various event categories like Rush Hour, Delivery, Time Trial and Team Battle. Each event in this game is exposed along a road mad in every stage. When an event is completed, the next event is unlocked, and it eventually leads to a rival pursuit against a particular character or member of crew. These events include an associated rating of easy, difficult or average. Illegal Challenges are the extra events, which come out along a street map.

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In this game, fuel is utilised as an energy system and is required for different aspects. Additional fuel needs to be bought with Gold when the tank is unfilled. Again, cash is gained in-game by finishing an event. Style Points are also received in-game with completion of an event. It can be utilized to buy visual parts.

Play Need For speed: No Limits On Mac

  1. Download Bluestacks emulator first!
  2. When the emulator gets fully installed, the users can run it. There is a search bar just on the top. Here, one has to type the name of the game, i.e., Need for Speed No Limits.
  3. Then download Need For speed: No Limits for Mac and wait for the installation to be accomplished.

These are all about the installation process of getting Need For speed: No Limits for Mac.


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