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So you have lots of spare tickets that you don’t want to waste and have nobody to give? Or maybe you want last minute tickets from such persons? Twickets service is the largest ticket reselling service in UK and will help you sell extra tickets or get last minute tickets to games, concerts, exhibitions, etc. However the service is available only in the form of an app for smartphones and tablets. But there is a way to get it on your beloved Mac instead.


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Twickets Service

The twickets service/app is a doorway to the world of peer to peer tickets reselling/transfer without involving any third party who will want to make their own cut and thus raising the prices unnecessarily. Tickets are available for football games, sports, festivals, gigs, comedy shows, theatres and art exhibitions. The service is guaranteed by over 200,000 people of UK who are already using it. However the app does not just sits on this but takes extra steps to secure the ticket transaction to avoid any fraud or duping. Sellers are protected by the fact that you will be giving the tickets to Twickets and your ticket will actually be sold after the buyer has made the payment. The payment methods include various options such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards and PayPal.

The Twickets app is the essential glue between the service and you. The app requires you to login for which you can use existing email accounts or Facebook account. The tickets availability information is displayed as a continuous updated feed with detailed information which can be filtered and sorted according to your will. This means that Twickets app basically gives you the “ticket-version” of Facebook’s news feed.



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Installing Twickets for Mac

In order to enjoy Twickets for Mac, you will need help of Google’s Android. The Android environment can be emulated on your Mac which will let you run any Android app or game and thus you can download and run the Twickets app. Let us look at the steps involved for the installation.

  1. Click here to download the latest Bluestacks setup for Mac.
  2. Complete the whole installation (for this you will need to change the settings so that Mac installs from third party sources). Launch the software.
  3. For the very first time you will need to set your default preferences such as default language and setup your Google account (for which you can use your existing Gmail ID and password or create a new one) in order to access the playstore.
  4. Once the account is setup, you will land at the home screen. On the top search bar, type “Twickets” and search for it.
  5. It will take you to the playstore page from where you will need to click on the “Install” button.
  6. After the app installation finishes, come back to the home screen. You can see the app’s icon, which can be clicked to launch it.

Thus with these easy steps, you can now book emergency tickets or resell tickets without hassle!


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