Brothers In Arms for Mac

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Brothers in Arms – even though you might have not watched the acclaimed movie, you do know what’s it about. The bondedness and “together-in-it” fight in war! That’s what the series brings. Gameloft’s Brothers in Arms game tries to relive the same in the form of an interactive game. And going by with the times, the game is exclusively developed for mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. You may think that your Mac misses a great title, but that is not the entire story.. Read on to find out!


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Brothers in Arms – The Game!

As in line with the movies, the game features you as a soldier in the world war. Your basic task is to shoot and eliminate enemies. However the game is not all run and gun. You are a member of a team and often you will be spending a good amount of time hiding and ducking from enemy fire or protecting your team mates. The game features various different kinds of environment which will keep you engrossed in the mission and never gets too boring.

The weapon lineup is standard and nothing fence with rifles, hand guns and occasional grenades. However the monetizing model of this game may make you feel that money brings in unfair advantage. But that does not mean you will be forced to use it. Instead, with some grinding and luck, you can complete the game without ever paying anything.

The title surely brings in the feel of “right in the battle” and is bound to keep you engrossed. Let us now look at how we can get the game up and running in your Mac.

Brothers In Arms for Mac

In order to enjoy the game, you will need a software installed on your Mac called Bluestacks. So, what is Bluestacks all about? It is an android emulator that can run any android app or game on your Mac. But how does that help? The game is also available for Android! Also, Bluestacks lets you download and install android apps and games from Google’s playstore! With this knowledge in tow, let us look at the steps involved in details:


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  • Download the latest Bluestacks setup from here for Mac!
  • Before the installation, make sure you set the preferences such that Mac can install app from any source. Began the installation of Bluestacks after that.
  • Once finished, start Bluestacks. For the first time, you need to set up the preferences and your Google account (you can use an exisiting Gmail ID and password or create a new one)
  • Once done, you will be at the home page. On the top search bar, type “Brothers in Arms” and search for it!
  • You will be taken straight to the play store page from where you should click on the “Install” button to install the game.
  • Once the installation completes, come back to the home screen and you will see the game listed there. Click on it to start the game.

With Bluestacks at your helm, you can thus easily play a wonderful shooter game!


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