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With the way technology seems to progress and at the same time reach people, everyone is getting used to it and are no more reluctant to adopt anything new. They are clasping on to anything that promises to make things in life easier and better. Smartphones are one such invention of technology that has helped this generation more than anything else. Everyone is crazily busy with their lives, and want to save whatever little time they can. They want life to be smoother so that they can enjoy up to the optimum level.


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Smartphones have led to the advent of many apps which help us with the ways of life. Some apps which help us in social networking are extremely popular. Some other apps which are extremely popular are those that help us to know the various whereabouts of the world easily. These are the news apps or the apps that keep us updated about the stock market.

More On NewsHunt

NewsHunt is an app that compiles the important news from all around the world so that the users can read it on their devices, without having to carry the newspaper with them. It gives you a collection of news from 85 different national and regional newspapers. The interface has been designed in a way that the user gets what they wants very easily without having to search for it vehemently. The news is divided into categories and you can also refer to a particular newspaper if you want. You can also buy e-books through this app and read it on your device using this app. To make things interesting, you could choose from the various fonts and colours and read your news in the format you would want to.

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But there is quite a number of people who want to use their Mac system instead of using smartphones. For all those who want to access this app from their Macs, NewsHunt for Mac has been made. To install and use this, you will require a software called BlueStacks on your system. BlueStacks is an android emulator that helps you to run android on your PCs. It is being used widely and is a very efficient software which provides the required platform so that the apps can be used without any problem.

Let us now guide you to install NewsHunt on your Mac. Follow the steps mentioned here so that NewsHunt runs on your Mac system without a problem.

  • Download BlueStacks and install it on your system.
  • Open BlueStacks after installation.
  • Then search for
  • After that choose Play Store, preferably, as the source.
  • At the PlayStore click the install button to start installing the app.
  • Wait for it to download and then install.
  • After successful installation, there will be an icon for this app on your Home Screen.

If you follow the steps mentioned, then you will surely not face any problem installing or using NewsHunt for Mac.


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