Dungeon Hunter 5 – A Gem For Your Mac!

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Dungeon Hunter 5 is the fifth reboot of the popular RPG which has a great fan following in smartphones and tablet PCs. The latest installment ups the game and follows the “less is more” mantra with great replay value. However, as it has been the norm for many quarters, Gameloft is exclusively concerned with the mobile users, leaving the Mac users nowhere. While Windows users can enjoy the experience courtesy – Universal apps, there is sadly no equivalent on your Mac. However, things are set to change as you will see in due course that Bluestacks can help you out!


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Dungeon Hunter 5 – More Is Less!

The latest installment of the game, instead of expanding, concentrates on improving the core experience. The graphics and audio quality is bumped with some good dialogues and great story-telling (backed up by an equally good background story). The game is a role-playing game in a fantasy world where you are put as an in-charge of a bunch of bandits. The game consists of mostly hacks and slashes with your weapon with some magic spells thrown in. The story is bound to keep you going though.

The weapon system is very easy to master where you can mix and match components and upgrade them as you go ahead with virtual currency and you can even upgrade weapons midway through a level. The armor has a similar story save for the fact that it doesn’t feature in-game upgrades. The multi-player is revamped and the old PvP system (which never really worked) is booted out for a more traditional “protect base” and tower defense system. The game won’t force you to indulge in microtransactions but you may need to grind certain levels to earn the moolah to progress!

With such an enticing and gripping title at our hands, it is now time to see how to run it in your Mac!

Dungeon Hunter 5 for Mac

In order to enjoy the game on your Mac, you will need a software called Bluestacks. The software Bluestacks can emulate the Android environment in your Mac and lets you run any Android app or game. Also, it lets you download the apps from Google playstore as well. So let us look the process then…


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  • From here download the latest Bluestacks setup for Mac.
  • Before installing, change your system preferences such that you can install apps from any source. Proceed with the installation of Bluestacks!
  • When it completes, launch the software. For the first time, you will need to setup certain preferences and your Google account for play store access (You can use your existing Gmail ID and password or create a new one).
  • Once done, you will see the home screen. On the top search bar, type “Dungeon Hunter 5” and search for it.
  • On a successful search, you will be at the playstore page of the game. Click on the “Install” button to start installing the game.
  • Once it completes, come back to home screen and you will see the game listed. Just click on it to launch the game.

With these steps, you will be rocking Dungeon Hunter 5 for Mac!


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