How To Install Kingdom Rush for Mac

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Kingdom Rush is an outstanding Tower defense strategy game. The creators have paid a lot of attention to the design, which is satisfying and appealing. The layout is full of cartoons and extremely adorable. It has many different towers, creatures, heroes, and regions, making the gameplay absolutely different and very addictive. Tower upgrades will always bring something new to notice and allow you to discover much more through the campaign. Kingdom Rush includes the basic tower defense strategy mechanics and in addition it has expanded the concept by various means. A perfect fit for people who like strategy games.


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Gameplay of Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush will give you an invigorating strategic experience. There are four distinct towers with each tower can be upgraded to their respective specialization. The main campaign has twelve levels and additional seven bonus ones which are refilled after you complete it successfully. You have to choose the towers according to the situation, which will be a major decision in defining your result.

Some towers are effective against some monsters, for instance from a distance, the archer tower are against armored opponents but not every time. The self image tower is helpful in slowing down the invading forces. Every level will have twenty different enemies and each enemy has a very peculiar characteristic. Some can fly, have armor or magical abilities. Gameplay is quite stable and well designed.

Once you complete your level you gain stars, which are very crucial to upgrade your towers. As you progress, to overcome enemies you need to unlock heroes. The selection of tower is tricky and to upgrade one of them is even more decisive. This makes the game very interesting as compared to the other strategy games.


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How To Install Kingdom Rush for Mac

Take your gaming experience to another level by downloading Kingdom Rush game on your Mac. The installation is easy and convenient. All you need to do is get a trusted software emulator. You will find many available over the Internet, we recommend you the popular Bluestacks.

To play Kingdom Rush on your Mac just follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website or download Bluestacks app player on your MAC from this link.
  • Set up the app player using installer file and follow the instructions.
  • After that, click on its shortcut icon to run.
  • Open the app player and search for ‘Kingdom Rush’ using the search box.
  • Click on the search result and start the installation process.
  • After you are complete installing the file, you have nothing more to do.
  • Simply, click on Kingdom Rush icon and you are all set you are all set to play the most exciting strategy game on your Mac!

If you are interested in tower defense strategy genre, it is obvious that you will find Kingdom Rush gratifying. This is a must have for all game lovers of this genre. You always have something new to consider in your game plan. There is nothing about this game that you are not going to love. You can play it nonchalantly, or like a master, thinking precise measures of your broad scheme. Download Kingdom Rush for Mac now!


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