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Tired of all the usual games in order to pass time? It is quite possible that you have literally spent hours on board games, solitaire, chess and pinballs and need something different and unique. While the game that we will see is a quiz game, unlike existing ones, it is very unique in its own rights. The game does not expect you to answer a 100% but only a 94%. Interested? But alas! The game is exclusive on Android only. But as with everything else, you can definitely enjoy the game on your Mac. Bluestacks will be the answer to your entire question. How? Let us see…


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94% – The Game

Coming from the creators of 94 seconds and 94 degrees, this quiz game takes a completely different approach than traditional games. Instead of asking petty questions which can be searched easily over the Internet, the questions are based on words, images and expressions for which your answer should find 94% of the given answer. (Now you know why this is so very different and goes against the norm of 100% correct answers for quiz games). The game’s online user count exceeds 25 million and multi-player element means that you get to play with real opponents as well. As is common with games, as you progress you will start to face tougher questions and completing the tasks means you unlock extra goodies. The game turns out to pack quite a punch and hence you will see below how we make it run on your Mac.

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94% for Mac

In order to run the game on your Mac, you will need software that can emulate or recreate the Android environment on your OS X. Bluestacks is the perfect software that can do this and not just run games or apps but also let you access the Google playstore to install the apps and games. So let us take a look at the steps involved.

  • From the Internet, download the latest Bluestacks setup for Mac and install it. (You will need to allow your Mac to install apps from untrusted third party sources for this to work).
  • Once the installation finishes, launch the Bluestacks software. For the first time, you will be required to set your default language and your Google account. (You can either create one or use your existing Gmail ID and password for this account sync). This step is necessary to access the playstore for the game installation.
  • Once done, you will land at the home screen. On the top search bar, type “94%” and search for it. You will be taken straight to playstore page of the game where you should click on the “install” button to start the installation.
  • Once the installation of the game finishes, go back to home screen and click on the game’s icon to start the game.

With Bluestacks on your Mac, you can enjoy this gem of a game. You can also try out other apps from the playstore using a similar procedure!


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