Goat Simulator for Mac – Just For The Laughs !

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There are times when you wished all the games galore on consoles and Windows be available for Mac. But then instead of your Mac, smartphones and tablets are enjoying all the love lately. This can be confirmed with the release of Goat Simulator for these devices. But as we will see in a few minutes, the game can well be played on a Mac. But before that, let us have a closer look at this curious title which is suppose to be more of a joke than a game.


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Goat Simulator – Game or ‘Just Kidding’?

As the title suggests, Goat Simulator simulates a goat – yes, you will control a goat which is allowed to do various things (that it can) in a sand-boxed environment. These things are head-butting, licking and jumping along with some special activities. You get points for almost anything you do – hit a car or get hit by a car, jump over things or lick them, etc. The environment is fairly small and can be explored quickly. It also contains humans whom you can “attack” and jump and they will run away in a hurry.

The environment features fair amount of detail and runs very smooth. The draw distance may not be too large but provides the necessary graphics oomph. The soundtrack is minimal where a starting track introduces the game and then fades away. From the title, it may feel the game is some drunk man’s joke on the simulator genre, but is filled with intentional easter eggs, jokes and parodies. There are intentional glitches to make you laugh. While the game by no means is something serious, it is great to just pass some time with some laugh thrown in between. Let us look at the way to bring the game over to your Mac


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Goat Simulator for Mac

In order to enjoy the game on your Mac, you will need a software called Bluestacks. What does it do? Bluestacks is an Android emulator that can run any Android game or app within your Mac. It also lets you access Google’s playstore to download these apps and games. Let us dive in with the steps then.

  • Open Safari and search for Bluestacks for Mac and download the latest setup. You can directly install from here!
  • Before installation, enable app installation from any source from your preferences. Now start the installation of Bluestacks.
  • Once it completes, start Bluestacks. For the first time, you will have to set up certain preferences and add your Google account (use existing Gmail ID and password or create a new one)
  • Once setup, you will be at Bluestacks’s home screen. On the top search bar type “Goat Simulator” and search for it.
  • When Bluestacks finds the game, it will take you straight to the playstore page of the game. Click on the “install” to install the game.
  • Once installed, come back to home screen and you will see the game listed there. Click on the game’s icon to launch the game.

You will need Internet connection during the whole process however. Thus with this, you can roam and have some laugh on your Mac!


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