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Dubsmash is a unique and original way to communicate in quirky manner. It allows sending the dubbed videos to friends. The user can easily choose their favourite sound on application, record them with selected sound and share the dubbed video with friends. It is a very easy way of making fun and hilarious conversations. The dubbed video can be created in couple of seconds. The user can also dub the video with selected quotes. Anyone can become an actor with this application by simply let the quotes speak for user and share the videos. It creates excellent videos with best sound collection and large quote library. It is an entertaining application and best way to have conversation with lots of laugh.


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  • The user can choose to have own sound track and record the video. Simply, click on finish button to put the sound track and video recording together. Then, it can be shared further via Whatsapp, Facebook or can be saved in gallery.
  • It have large variety of movie clips, sound tracks, dialogues, quotes, random sounds, chat show interviews, etc. to create awesome videos. All are categorized under sections such as hangover, chick flicks, action heroes, pickup lines, swag etc. The created sounds can be organized in personalized collection later. The sounds can be recorded directly from microphone and uploaded to phone. The personalization is also called as soundboards.
  • The application also provides several options to add stickers, text to the created videos for more fun and entertainment.
  • Creating dubbed video is only a two-step process i.e. select sound and record video. The user interface of application is quite basic and provides a no-frill experience to users.


  • Original and unique concept
  • Easy process of creating videos
  • Funny way to communicate with people
  • Videos can be shared easily


  • Video creation can be glitch at some times
  • Limited options for sharing videos

Publishers Description

The application is a unique way of communicating with friends and sending them dubbed videos. The video messaging is hottest trend at the moment and the application has tapped the video messaging market perfectly. It produces hilarious results and let the user be original and innovative. The application works perfectly for making easy and funny video moments. The application also keeps on adding new sounds and many more things to the formula of video messaging. There are some usability issues and limited sharing problem with the application. But overall, Dubsmash is a fun application and have unique way of video creation in this genre.

Change Log

The updated application has improved experience of Dubsmash by specific performance improvements. Minor bugs are also fixed.

How To Install

Dubsmash can be easily used on PC with the help of Bluestacks emulator. The application can be installed through simple installation process.

  • Download and install Bluestacks from below!
  • Open the search box of Bluestacks and search for “Dubsmash”
  • Tap on the application name
  • After it gets downloaded completely, open it from download section of Bluestacks
  • Enjoy Dubsmash on PC now.

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