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No matter whether you are a Pokémon fan or not, you have to atleast once try this awesome game, ‘Pokémon Go’ as it has been a buzzword since a considerable amount of time. To be able to play this game, you need to have Android or iOS smartphones; well, in case you are Windows phone or any phone user, then you can also play this game on your desktops and laptops powered by Microsoft Windows. This tutorial here will tell you how to run this game on your desktop.


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About The Game

Pokémon go uses augmented reality, which makes it stand out from other role playing games. It was developed by the Niantic Inc., which has also developed a much similar game called ‘Ingress’. Pokémon was one of the most loved animated series of its times, the same is the reason for its huge success, besides it is first of its kind game, which has been modeled using real world parameters.

Pokémon’s: There are all major Pokémon’s available in the game, which you might have seen in the animated series. However to find them you will need to travel distant places. The game uses real world maps and automatically generates Pokémon’s in a specified area. The region is determined using GPS of your device.

Pokestops: Pokestops are places where you can find additional items for free. The main thing is Pokeball, which gets exhausted after sometime. You can find some free pokeballs here; these pokestops are automatically generated on the real world maps, based on the density of people around. To get free items just step in a pokestop and getting near to it.

Gyms: As per the animated series, there are gyms too in the game, where you can fight with other Pokémon trainers of the area. These gyms are also generated based on the population density of the active users, as most of the gyms are shopping malls, crowded parks, squares, etc. Each of these gyms has a gym leader, who takes care of his gym; you can also be one by winning over the existing gym leader.

The Goods

  • The most amazing part of the game is augmented reality, where it actually looks like Pokémon’s are really present in the real world.
  • As the game is developed in close proximity to animated series, you have to play it in real time and have to change you location frequently to catch more and more Pokémon’s.
  • Pokémon’s can be evolved and their power can be increased, which also makes it quite more engaging.

The Bads

  • The combat mode is very poor and lacks basic stuff.
  • Some bugs are still present, such as foot print bug.

How to play it on PC?

  1. Download and install Nox App Player.
  2. Search for ‘Pokémon Go’ in Nox App Player, when found install it or else download from below!
  3. You are now ready to play the game.

As you are now using this game on your desktop, make sure to install some GPS faker application, which can fake your location, after specified intervals if time.


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