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Shadow Fight 2 is a fantastic RPG and classical fighting game experience for users. The player can easily get involved with the amazing storyline of this game. It has lot of characters, armors, weapons, martial arts techniques and lot more for enjoyment of players. The game is a new arcade style game in which the player has to fight one on one with the opponent. There are several moves while fighting with enemies such as kick, jump, slash, punch etc. It includes lot of crushing enemies, humiliating demons and closing of gate shadows. The fighting combat is an excellent combination of classical fighting and street fighting games.


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  • It is one of the best combat sequence with real time animation system
  • The game has different world with lot of actions and demons
  • The game includes devastation of enemies with simple game controls. The user interface is also designed specifically for touch screens
  • Customization is also possible for swords, armor suits, magical powers and lot more
  • The game is a decent combination of classical fighting and it is a very slow combat unlike Tekken, Mortal Kombat and other fast pace fighting games. The enemies can be watched and then, attacks are planned in this game
  • The intuitive controls of game allows user to play and enjoy the game. It only has punch and kick buttons in the game. Rest of the moves are directions can be made by combination of these two buttons
  • The fighting game is directly linked to the rewards. Player is also rewarded with special coins for defeating enemies. The gained coins can be utilized to have new armors, weapons and new techniques of martial arts.

Publisher’s Description

Shadow Fight 2 is a fabulous planning and fighting combat game. The player can experience the role playing, martial arts, classical fighting with animations. This fighting sequel is very popular in the genre. It has some hidden costs for purchasing new weapons, armors and techniques of martial arts and player has to spend real money because player need to learn new techniques and fight with new weapons to win in the game. The slob combat wastes a lot of time of user. But overall, the application is an ultimate experience of fighting combinations. Even though the armors, weapons and martial art techniques cost some amount and coins but it motivates the player to achieve victory in the fighting game.

Change log

The new version of application includes some bug fixes. The new armors and weapons are also added to enhance the fighting experience of users.

How To Install

Shadow Fight 2 can be played on PC with few steps of installation process. The game can be installed through Bluestacks emulator.

  • Download Bluestacks for PC
  • Install Bluestacks on PC
  • Open the navigation search box and search for the application
  • As the application name is appeared on result page, tap on it
  • After the application is downloaded, open from all download folder of Bluestacks
  • Now, the game can be accessed on PC.

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