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Showgun Deadzone is one of the best multiplayer game and have excellent sci-fi shooter experience for players. All shooters in the game looks very sharp and provides amazing shooting experience to users. The game provide common platform to everyone so that the game can be improved with high cooperation level. The players can show their courage to friends in the multiplayer mode. It has excellent heroic multiplayer battles with high console quality within the game. The graphics of game are also very attractive. The game is absolutely free to play and provide action gaming experience to users across the globe.


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  • The users can have intense action game experience with multiplayer combat game. The game can be played with up to 12 online players
  • There are two exciting game modes i.e. Zone control and Deathmatch control. The Deathmatch mode allows to fight with 6 maps and the goal is to kill maximum number of players and wait for 5 seconds before next regeneration. In zone control mode, the player fights in a team with 6 available maps and these maps are different from Deathmatch mode. This mode requires the player to use several strategies for capturing spawn points.
  • The increasing rank of character allows user to unlock new elements like roll, sprint within the game
  • There are variety of items such as Ammo kit, Med kit, EMP Grenades, Sentry Guns, Mine, Frag Grenades in the game
  • Various arsenal offers exist in the game such as machine guns, sniper rifles, shot guns, plasma rifles, rocket launcher etc.
  • Real time chatting with friends and multiplayer voice chatting service is also available.

Publisher’s Description

It is a very interesting and exciting game application for users who like intense action game plays. The multiplayer game provides excellent sci-fi shooting experience to users along with various features, utilities and action filled tools. There are 10 playable characters, two game modes, lot of weapons and gadgets in the game to enjoy the game. Moreover, the game players can upgrade their tools and weapons with the increasing game level and also, gain new elements for more fun and excitement within the game.

Change Log

The updated version includes cheat police in which the players will have access to report the suspected cheaters. The functionality of Ammo Kit and Medi Kit is added. The readability of font is improved and localized texts are also added. The functionality related to friend list is also improved. Various other performance improvements are made in this version. . New support for resolutions and devices are added like iOS 9.

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How To Install

Showgun Deadzone can be played on Mac with easy installation steps. Below mentioned steps need to be followed.

  • Download Bluestacks from below listed download button
  • Open the search box in Bluestacks and type “Showgun Deadzone for Mac”
  • As the name of application appears, click on it for initiating the download process
  • After the download process is completed, open the application from download folder of Bluestacks
  • Now, the application can be enjoyed on Mac.

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